Welcome to the Team

John Kakavoules
John is welcomed to Transport Finance in the capacity as a director of the company.

Brett and John are pleased that he accepted their offer to join the company and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from banking & finance and the transport industry to the group.John has spent 25 years in vehicle transport – the majority specializing in the trucking sector. he commenced with hertz Car & Truck Leasing, but is best known for his time with both Daimler Chrysler Finance and esanda/ANZ Bank. John spent 10 years as General Manager Commercial Vehicles for Daimler Chrysler and more recently held the position of head of Commercial Vehicles for the ANZ Bank.

John is very excited about the future with Transport Finance, he says “I was extremely positive about my move into finance broking and have found myself busier than even I expected. Being able to satisfy dealers and operators with acceptable finance approvals is proving to be very rewarding. The best thing about this job is the people you meet.”

In the first 3 months John has generated significant volumes of deals and he looks forward to reacquainting himself with the many dealers, operators and people within the industry that he has known for many years.

Anna Grant
Anna has a degree in banking & finance and worked in the finance industry for over 20 years. For 7 of those years she worked closely with John Kakavoules at Daimler Chrysler. After having such a positive experience working together previously, she decided to see if the ‘magic’ was still there. So far, so good!

Anna is also well known to quite a few of the staff at Transport Finance and they are very happy that she has joined the team. Anna is a person who always brings laughter and good humour to the office and will be a welcome addition to the team.

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