Talk Around Town

We trust that all of our clients enjoyed a relaxing Xmas and New Year break and where able to find time to relax away from the pressures of running your business. It is an important time of the year for family and generally gives us all a few days to unwind and recharge before we hit 2010 with renewed confidence.

The Investment Allowance is now behind us and orders needed to be signed and in the system before 31st December for businesses with turnover under $2.0 million p.a. and June 30 2009 for companies with a turnover over $2.0 million p.a.

If you have missed out on signing an order prior to the deadline, talk to us about arranging a quote for your new truck on Operating Lease as we may be able to pass on to you a sizeable reduction in the monthly repayments as one of our lenders has signed pre-orders with a manufacturer and they can pass on the benefits to you.

All the talk at the moment is about the Reserve Bank returning interest rates to a ‘normal’ level, which most economists’ state is a cash rate around the 5%-5.5% mark. We feel that this level may well be achieved by the 3rd quarter of 2010. A healthy economy needs interest rates at or around normal levels or we risk the pendulum swinging too far the other way as higher rates of interest will certainly stall any recovery in Australia.

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