Call for Assistance Answered

Llew Oelofsen, a neighbour and friend of John Ryan’s, approached John on the Sunday before easter to enquire if he could suggest a transport company to assist in moving a full size trampoline from a Sydney supplier to Melbourne. The trampoline had been partially donated by the Sydney supplier for the benefit of Llew’s son Conor who has severe autism. The trampoline provides hours of enjoyment and recreation for Conor which is his only source of exercise.

John called Mick Cahill from Cahill’s Transport who immediately jumped to the challenge and arranged for their Sydney depot manager to collect the trampoline from the supplier and have it moved to Melbourne.

The trampoline, packed in several boxes, some almost 5 metres in length and relatively fragile, needed to be transported on top of other palletized freight. John received a call on Tuesday afternoon to say that the trampoline was available at the Melbourne warehouse of Cahill’s Transport and that the job was to be a ‘gift’ for Conor and his family.

Llew said, “I would like to thank John and Transport Finance for jumping to the task at hand, and even more so to thank Michael Cahill and his staff for not only transporting the trampoline so quickly, but their magnanimous gesture of providing their time and efforts free of charge”

Autism affects one in every 110 Australians. Autism ranges from reasonably mild to very severe cases and is a lifelong condition.

Statewide Autistic Services Inc. (SASI), a not-for-profit autismspecific service provider does wonderful work in providing care and support not only to the sufferers but to their families as well. It is a never-ending task and Government funding can only go so far in catering to this need. SASI’s current prime goal is to suitably fit out a respite house in Langwarrin, Victoria to which autistic children will go for short stays, allowing parents/carers a well deserved break from their charges.

SASI needs your support. Should you care to add SASI to your “charities of choice” please visit to view the services offered, by an exceptional group of staff and volunteers, to Conor and his fellow sufferers.

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