Would you knock back an Extra $100 a week…?

There is no doubt we are at or very close to the bottom of the interest rate cycle in Australia, most good judges are now suggesting that the next movement, whenever that may be, will be up.

Now is the time to assess exactly where your business is at.

  • Is my income stable?
  • Do I understand my fixed costs?
  • Can I trim any costs from the business and increase my profit?

You need to be constantly reviewing all areas of the business, from telecommunication costs, data, fuel, tyres – review every line of expenditure that you are paying out.

Now what about your truck loan?

  • If you purchased your truck over 4 years ago, chances are you’re paying interest on your truck loan of circa. 7.25% p.a.
  • After 4 years, you have also maximised your depreciation claim from an expenditure item

Take advantage of the low interest rate cycle we currently find ourselves in and lock in a low rate now by upgrading your existing vehicle and replacing it with a new truck.

  • Why not simply do the exercise now?
  • What would a new truck cost me today?
  • What is my used truck worth to sell/trade-in?
  • What effect would buying a new truck have on my monthly loan repayments?

You might be surprised to find that you could be able to update to a new truck and be around $100.00 /week better off. Lower your monthly repayments and take advantage of the warranty and lower running costs that come with operating a new vehicle.

Do the exercise today – you may be surprised with the results.

Give your Transport Finance manager a call today to run through the numbers.

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