Talk Around Town

This year has started off with a few issues, namely the fires and now the current threat, the Coronavirus, but there is enough written about those without having to re-cap.

I want to say how proud I am, how proud the whole team at Transport Finance is to be working not only within the Transport sector, but with Civil, Construction and not to mention our Pharmacy clients. I big thank you and congratulations on continued service to all.

The work ethic that we have encountered over the past 6-8 weeks in a time of difficulty for the country, amid State based restrictions, State borders closing, Social distancing and home lockdowns – the spirit our customers that has simply rolled up its collective sleeves and marches on has been fantastic.

We have continued to work from the office/s that we all work from – quiet frankly we have experienced the busiest three months just gone than we have for nearly 2 years.

There is a range of offers from both State & Federal Governments on offer to assist all businesses – I have highlighted some of these available in this newsletter. They are a moving target with new offers of assistance announced almost every 48 hours – these listed here are a guide but will NOT be all that is available – please go online and research these for yourself or contact your accountant for advice.

Also, the Banks are offering deferment options on a range of loans, home loans, equipment loans and business loans ranging from 3 or 6 months at this stage.

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