Tis the season for Elections it appears, between Victoria late last year, NSW and now heading in to a Federal Election in May.

The odd thing this time around it at appears in each one, the result is a forgone conclusion.

Despite which side of politics you may reside, the end result will either be a little more or a little less in your pockets. At the end of the day, business will roll on regardless with little or no change.

The final report from the Hayne Royal Commission in to Banking ended with a whimper not a BANG! The big Banks copped a caning and some humiliation in the public domain but are basically marching on unscathed.

The Banks have made some internal changes post reviewing their credit policies that have resulted in a far greater level of disclosure. We are still getting deals approved, but we require your help in doing so. We will be requesting more detailed information and providing Banks with a greater level of disclosure than ever before.

Interest rates are stable at the moment as they have been for some time now. I’m not Nostradamus but I don’t see any movement, up or down, before at least November 2019.

Infrastructure projects continue to roll on and these opportunities are creating demand for new product amongst our clients, which is a very positive thing

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