Who is winning…and why?

There appears to be a trend amongst some of our long-term clients that have won either new business or new rate increases recently, and that trend seems to be old fashioned service.

The small to medium size fleet operators that are offering their clients a very personal service, reliable and are great communicators within not just their own business but with their clients appear to be given new work opportunities.

Whilst the industry has always been cut throat in terms of rates and what is promised, it would appear that good old fashioned reliability and commitment to do what you have said would be done is being acknowledged.

Companies that sometimes look to give their work to the ‘big’ end of the transport industry don’t immediately realise that they lose the personal approach, there is no substitute to dealing with the guy that owns the company, someone who can go that extra mile – companies large enough to get the job done but small enough to care.

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