Talk around Town

From a business perspective, it has been an interesting 2015. In December 2014, we sent out a marketing email entitled ‘Star Gazing into 2015’ – some of our thoughts/predictions included the following;

We thought that official interest rates may see 3 rate reductions over the 12 months and go as low as 1.75% – but the RBA has held them at 2.0%, after two reductions.

We also predicted the Aussie dollar would be mid $0.70 cents by year’s end, which is pretty close to where it is now. Our thoughts on fuel pricing also turned out to be correct, with the price of fuel now the lowest it has been for some years.

Our thoughts on the housing market that should see it hold up well in 2015, with increases in housing prices in most capital city areas held true. We did however, expect the share market to remain quiet static during the year, with some spikes late in 2015. The opposite happened and it spiked downwards late and lost any gains made during the previous 12 months. The ASX200 opened at 5,435 points, rose to 5,975 – before falling back to close the year out at 5,106.

So, what is in store for 2016, a little bit of more of the same, some upswing in business confidence maybe – we have outlined out thoughts further down in this newsletter.

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