Operating Lease

If you run a number of trucks in your business or are looking at taking on a new contract, if you have never considered operating Lease as a vehicle to support your growth then I think it is time to reassess and ask us to get you some pricing so you can compare all of your options.

What is Operating Lease?

An Operating Lease is essentially a monthly rental for the use of the truck/trailers over a time specified by you i.e. 5 Years and for the nominated maximum usage of the truck/trailer during that time i.e. 1,000,000 klm (can be hours)

At the end of the term and subject to return conditions, you simply hand back the truck/trailer without any liability or end position exposure for the disposal of the assets.

We can also incorporate either Scheduled Servicing costs or full maintenance pricing in to the one monthly rental payment – this allows you to know day one, exactly how much the unit will cost you for the nominated lease period – a great idea if you are tendering for new work and want to nail down fixed costs for the life of the lease.

So if you haven’t previously considered an operating Lease or are about to tender for a new contract, ask one of the Transport Finance staff to arrange an operating Lease quote – you could be pleasantly surprised.

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