Talk Around Town

Well the election that spanned 2013 has finally come and gone and I don’t think that there were too many surprises with the result – we now begin a new term of parliament and a new government steering the country.

This new government will need to do just that, steer the country back on the road to growth and to do that the State governments need to play their part and look at infrastructure projects that are viable and can be jointly funded with Federal assistance or from the private sector under a JV arrangement.

Whilst interest rates remain at an all time low, governments can borrow money and create jobs within each State which in turn creates spending within our communities. This is far more important at the present time than the current mind set of having to deliver a surplus budget, which appears to be the only measure of whether a government is performing well.

There has never been a better time to look to upgrade equipment, replace an older truck or have confidence in expanding your business when we have access to the best interest rates for the past

8 years and the prospect of a further rate reduction in early 2014.

So as we pass out of one year and begin to look forward to a new year, new challenges and plan for how we can capitalise moving forward – take the time of Xmas and New Year to set your goals, plan ahead and let us know in January exactly how we can help your company achieve your 2014 expansion and growth wishes.

On behalf of myself and all of the team at Transport Finance Group, we wish you and your family a safe, happy Xmas and New Year.

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