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Record results in the first 9 months of the financial year – July 2012 – March 2013!..

We are currently experiencing the busiest trading period for over 5 years. Month on month is returning a record number of loans and transactions settled. You have probably guessed that we have been very busy by the gap between newsletters.

We continue to see an easing in the Bank’s willingness to extend credit to small business and as such, a level of support is returning for the transport sector.

There appears to be a ground swell movement within transport operators on the eastern seaboard with opinion being, “Let’s get on and do it, we have to make things happen ourselves”. I think some businesses have stagnated a little over the past few years, treading water, waiting for further Government stimulus packages or tax relief, this obviously hasn’t been forthcoming and now the attitude seems to be, “The economy is what it is, it’s not going to return to ‘boom times’ in a hurry – what can I do now to maximise my earning potential and position my business for growth over the next 2-3 years.

The ‘stars are perfectly aligned’ at the moment if you are considering upgrading your current vehicle and replacing it with a New model with low interest rates, access to finance approvals and manufacturers keen to do deals in order to move stock. If you are thinking about doing something and have been holding off, why not talk to us about what it would cost you in monthly repayments – you may be very surprised just how affordable and easy it is to do something now.

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