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Welcome to 2009, I trust everyone had a safe and happy festive season and are now ready to face the challenges that this year is expected to bring. 2009 already shapes up as an historical year and it has only just stated. The first black president sworn-in in America, Obamamania sweeping across the world and a new acronym GFC standing for Global Financial Crisis has entered everyday language.

The Reserve Bank’s Quarterly statement released on February 6 states that despite the bleak global economic outlook, Australia should just squeak through and avoids a recession, which is promising news for all of us. It expects GPD growth to come in at 1% for the December quarter and slow further to 0.25% in the June quarter, but still not slip in to negative territory.The most recent stimulus package announced on the 3/2/09 contains sizable incentives for small and general businesses to consider bringing forward acquisition and replacement buying schedules to take advantage of the Tax Breaks on offer.

On the banking front, we have seen 5 banks/lenders shut their doors or stop providing funds for equipment purchases, reducing our available funders on the Transport Finance panel from 21 to 16. The Australian finance scene is an ever changing landscape at present, but we still have access to more than enough funding sources to assist you with your current and future finance needs,When we next discuss arranging finance for whatever equipment your business needs, we will be requiring more information from you than we have asked for in the past. The current and historical information now required by banks in order to assess a loan makes it necessary for us to ensure that we present your credit application to the lender, right the first time.

We consider the services that Transport Finance offers to our clients to be that of a business confidant, working together over many years to achieve the best outcome for your business and being able support your needs now and well into the future

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