Benefits of Operating Lease

(Contributed Article)

Operating Lease should be a serious consideration for larger clients looking to fund trucks and trailer purchases in the 09/10 financial year.

Transport Finance has access to a couple of the best Operating Lease companies available and we can clearly demonstrate the benefits of using this type of funding for your next acquisition, especially if you did not place your order before the Investment Allowance deadline at June 30 2009.

One of the Operating Lease companies that we deal with has placed a large order for trucks in various configurations and can pass on a significant cost saving to your business by way of cheaper monthly repayments through their access to the I.A.

We can finance Operating Lease on a fully maintained program, where your running costs are evenly spread over the term of the loan or a non-maintained basis whereby you arrange your own service and maintenance on the vehicles.

Whether you are looking for a local delivery van, rigid pallet truck or interstate prime mover – our team will demonstrate why Operating Lease should be part of your consideration when next looking for a vehicle.

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