Talk around town

Wow, I never realised Australia had so many economists and finance experts prepared to add their ‘two bob’s worth’ at any media outlet on the state of the nations economic health.

It appears that every university graduate of the past 20 years is seeking his/her 15 minutes of fame and the newspapers are snapping up every ‘juicy’ headline on offer. What we are seeing is people who don’t normally read the financial pages of newspapers, starting to read ‘sensationalist’ headlines without fully understanding the content and flow on effect.

A number of facts remain;

  • Australia doesn’t have sufficient housing stock to meet current demand.
  • Sufficient major works in each State are already committed and monies allocated to last until 2010.
  • Our Big 4 banks are ranked amongst the top 15 in the world

People still have to eat, food has to be transported; roads and infrastructure are still being completed, trucks are required; a low Aus$ means exports are cheaper, goods have to be moved to the wharf; I seriously doubt that Xmas will be cancelled; stock still needs to be delivered to stores.

Now is not the time to panic, keep working, cost work correctly, invoice on time and ensure money is received in to the business when it is owed.

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