Paul and Mandy Jacobs

Paul and Mandy, who operate Jacobs Fertilisers and Grains in Benalla, Victoria, have been clients of our company for over 10 years. Over that time we have come to know the family well and consider the Jacobs, friends as well as clients.

What do you begin to say to a friend when you receive the email I recently received from Mandy, mother of 2 boys – “Today I bought Tim home from Melbourne hospital on his trial drug Zavesca; I also bought home my son Matthew with the diagnosis also, confirmed of Niemann Pick Type C. I cannot find the words to explain how I feel as a mother at the moment but pray to god that Matthew too will at least get the chance to trial the drug as Tim is. I cannot at present fathom how the hell this has happened to my two only children.

I also hope that the support received to date from you all will continue as, without your support I don’t know how we as a family will get through this as at the moment I feel our lives have been blown into one thousand pieces by this terrible disease.”

Niemann Pick Type C has no known cure and is a degenerative decease and life expectancy is something akin to 3 – 5 years. A fundraising day was recently held in Benalla on November 15 and money raised through donations, raffles and items auctioned with funds to go towards the building of a special living building to be built at the rear of the home for the boys. This day raised over $12,000.00 for the family.

Mandy said, “Transport Finance have not only donated a cheque for the boys, but have helped us put some of the auction items together for this day, John and Andrea have organised a number of weekends away, golf bag/clubs, signed memorabilia and other items to assist. Through one of John’s friend’s at Mitre 10, they have been kind enough to donate a lot of the timber and hardware required for this project. They have gone far and beyond their duties as our finance dealers and our friends, and are held in the highest regard to our family and peers. You don’t find many finance companies visiting your kids whilst in hospital!!!! There ongoing support and generosity is touching” .

The trucking fraternity has always been known to stick close and support their own in a time of need. The Jacobs need to make changes to their Benalla home in order to make it wheelchair accessible and to assist with medical costs. Any donations would be gratefully received and cheques can be made payable to ‘Benalla Trust Foundation – Tim & Matthew’

Monies can be donated to :
The Benalla Trust Foundation
Matthew and Tim Lloyd Cause
C/- Vale & Associate
120 Bridge Street

All donations are Tax Deductible and a receipt will be forwarded to you for any donations made.

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