Why use a finance broker?

The single biggest change we have seen over the past 2 years from the Banks/Lenders we use is the grab for security coverage and the cross securing of existing debt/asset holdings against new debt.

What does this mean?

It means that if your company borrows money to purchase equipment with a Bank, and you have a small mortgage in your own names, with the same bank – the equity you hold in your property is AUTOMATICALLY aligned to your company borrowings.

That is why we will always look to set your finance requirements with other lenders on our panel – rather than go to the bank that holds your mortgage or transactional banking. Separate your debt/spread your exposure across a broad range of funders and free up your business to grow as and when it needs.

Look at the reason why you are considering another vehicle, will it reduce my fuel costs, will my repair/maintenance costs decrease, productivity – a new vehicle will have less days off the road, will the new unit have a greater carrying capacity, more payload = more earnings.

My current vehicle is just about out of warranty period – if I update now I can reduce expected overheads, with Euro 5 emissions available in a new truck, I’m positioning my business to meet any challenges that may lie ahead.By being proactive and doing what is right for my business now, I’m taking a 5 year+ view on where my business and I need to be going forward.

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